We’ve evolved our expertise in making custom computers according to one’s needs. Our dedicated team of technicians are always ready to provide the best custom PC’s for your type of usage, personal, professional, creation to gaming.

How a computer works & what is needed

– A processor that controls all of the computer’s components.
– The graphics card which is used to render what you see on screen.
– RAM is here to store data for quick access by the processor.
– There are 2 kinds of storage, Solid State Drives and Hard Drives, SSD’s are faster and more compact but lack the cheap bulk storage capabilities of Hard Drives.

That's how we build computers

We have chosen the most cost effective and high quality components for your needs, all assembled in a professional manner for the product to last.

We follow the Plug n’ Play principle where you only need to connect your PC to the screen of your choice and plug it to power it to be usable.

Personal Computers

Personal computers and workstations that qualify for all of your home or office needs, be it productivity, streaming, light gaming. The choice is yours.

Professional Computers

Do you edit videos, do 3D modelling or design? Our team of skilled technicians have created the perfect professional computer optimized for your needs. 

Gaming Computers

We build performance gaming computers for all kinds of gamers. Are you on a budget or you want the most powerful one ?

We’ve got all the components lined up properly.

We emphasize on quality

Our technical team has the expertise in creating custom computers according to your needs, from home to business, professional or gaming. We believe in providing our customers with top quality products at a competitive price.

Built for you

Our custom built computers will be able to solve the challenges you face. Not all computers serves the same purpose, yours will be built to specifically for cater your needs.


Check out our list of recommended computer accessories

We have made a list of our preferred computer gear and accessories based on professional reviews and performance


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